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Website creation cost: simple, complex and custom websites

responsive website
Responsive website

Map of the website cost

Web designers are professionals and are therefore expensive. Outsourcing the creation of your website quickly adds up to costs. It depends on the requirements you place on your website how high these costs ultimately become. The prices therefore also vary.

To give you an indication, I have tried to map out the costs for you.

Cost of a Simple Website.

The cost of a website made: several hundred euros

The costs are therefore low, but your website consists of only a few pages and the design is simple. In addition, the web designer uses existing templates to reduce costs. So you don't have a unique design. You can also often only use the support for a fee.

Cost of a Complex website.

The cost of a website made: from a thousand euros

The costs are higher because you can put more pages on your website. The number varies: for some web designers this is around twenty, for others it is infinite. There are also photos on your website that you can edit.

Cost of a Customized website.

The cost of a website made: from two thousand euros

All your wishes have been included in the design. The pages have different layouts and you can use all modules (forms, blog, newsletter). So you have a unique website.

Additional costs

Regardless of what kind of website you have, there will also be hosting costs and the costs of your domain name.

When to have a website created?

Are you up to your ears in work and do you have a lot of income, but no time to create a website yourself? Then you can outsource the building of your website to a web designer. Even if you don't know anything about coding, outsourcing the construction of your website is a good idea. The people who take over creating your website are professionals. So you can be sure that your website will look professional and clear. So you don't have to worry about this anymore.

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