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Make websites with AI-generated web content is possible

Y-Track Consulting announce NEW service

Artificial intelligence
NEW service. AI-generated web content creation

NEW Y-Track Consulting's service "AI-generated web content creation" actually means - Creation texts for a website using Artificial Intelligence.

This is due to Ltd., a leading global SaaS platform, announcing the launch of its AI Text Creator in February 2023.

Without the support of AI, Wix simply asks you what type of website you’re creating before directing you to the Wix backend dashboard. If you’re looking to build an online store, you’ll then be presented with a few additional queries, requesting your business name, working hours, and services.

AI chatbot

The AI chatbot takes a few minutes to complete, but you’ll get a more personalized and tailored experience than the regular onboarding route.

You’ll get asked general questions about your business, website needs, and target audience. These are pretty standard questions but I was impressed by how conversational the process felt with Wix’s chatbot.

For example, I mentioned I wanted to improve my store’s social media presence and generate blog content. I watched the AI tool pivot and react to my response – it went on to ask me what social media platforms I’d like to focus on and what type of blog content I planned to create.

Once the chatbot has received enough information, it’ll take you to a custom dashboard. Your Wix apps, content, images, and pages are generated by AI based on your earlier answers – a truly unique website based on your website needs and priorities.

Web content

Creating content often poses a challenge for users, however with "AI-generated web content creation" customers get great opportunities.

Our new service is a comprehensive solution for creating professional content, from high-quality creative headlines to personalized text that is precisely formulated for each client individually.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can analyse existing content and identify important trends and commonalities. Then, we can use this information to optimize entire website or particular web pages.

Utilizing our expertise in WIX website creation, we are prompted with questions that are engineered to garner the best results for website content.

Deep understanding of website content like the right text length, important information to highlight and the proper tone, paired with Artificial Intelligence, provides our customers with unmatched text quality, which is key to having a professional website.

Today, the new Y-Track Consulting service "AI-generated web content creation" is available in English with the possibility of further translation.

We look forward to using the latest AI technologies and improving the quality of our clients' websites.


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