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wix website improvement

WIX website improvement

We turn an amateur website into a professional one

Wix website improvement, website verbetering

Make your website better

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Visitors looking for a company that offers services or products appreciate professionalism. If your website comes across as amateurish, you are sending the wrong signal about your professionalism.


Put yourself in the customer's shoes for a moment, in the person who accesses the internet. People searching the internet will now be able to find your site via the search engines, but the next question is whether they want to stay on your site.

And that has everything to do with the way in which your site presents itself to internet visitors. Does your site look attractive enough? Is the information provided clear? Is your site professional or does it look very amateurish?

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Wix website creation
WIX website improvement

You have little time to make a good first impression. If the website is beautiful, clear and well-organized enough, the site will be viewed more closely.

If not, the searcher will quickly find the browser's back button and try another site, that of the competitor.

The chance that a viewfinder will come back later and take a closer look is small. It is therefore important to make a good first impression, so that your potential customer does not click away and stays on your site.

What points are we thinking about to keep things better and more accessible so that your visitors stay where you want them: on your site?

What matters is that the design, functionality and manageability of your site are good.

We provide

List of the improvements for the Wix website

• Design, layout and experience

• Typography and alignment

• Usability

• Conversion

• Image optimization

• Charging speed

• Institutions

• SSL security

• Links

• Favicon

• Social share

• Internal links

• Forms

• Header and alt tags

• Page descriptions

• SEO settings

• SEO setup

• Cookie notification

• Mobile optimization

• and much more...

wix site verbetering
wix website improvement

We optimize your Wix website

Everything revolves around optimal web design!

If you already have your own Wix website but are not completely satisfied, we offer the perfect solution.


Let us upgrade your current site and we will ensure that your website functions optimally and is easily found.


Thanks to our expertise and experience in optimizing WIX websites, we can improve the performance of your site and ensure it meets the highest standards of functionality and visibility.

Our WIX website improvement Projects

Steps of the WIX website Improvement


We don't ask, we offer. Website improvement starts with analysis of: existing web design, keywords and SEO, Google search results, etc.

Interactivity of a website

WIX has many additional options to increase the interactivity of a website.  We advise best practise and best solution.


Inventory of client's wishes. Y-Track Consulting converts ideas for the webpages into a reality.

Search machine & optimalisation

We set up a plugin that helps search queries become optimal in Google search results and optimize website loading speed

Dream Clinic webdesign Utrecht

Happy Client

Dream Clinic webdesign Utrecht

Gyarmati János

Dream Clinic

Review Y-Track Consulting -  wix webdesign

I had a website and its optimization done with Y-Track and thanks to Julia it was a walk in the park even for me, who is dumb to this topic.
Absolutely recommended!

Google review Y-Track Consulting

Google review

About pricing

You pay for what you need

Web Designer Y-Track Consulting works for entrepreneurs and individuals. That is why we are very careful with your costs.

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Make your website professional if: you want to give your visitors the confidence that you act professionally and professionally, so that they are in good hands with you.

Contact us today and give your website the upgrade it deserves.

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