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Wix website redesign and improvement

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WIX website improvement: web design and development

We turn an amateur website into a professional one

Website redesign & performance

I want to improve my WIX website

If you already have your own Wix website but are not completely satisfied, we offer the perfect solution. Let us upgrade your current site and we will ensure that your website functions optimally and is easily found.


Thanks to our expertise and experience in optimizing WIX websites, we can improve the performance of your site and ensure it meets the highest standards of functionality and visibility.

WIX hosting

WIX website improvement


from €90

  • Design adjustment a web pages in a unique style (based on a BrandBook or request);

  • Customizing the theme of texts, installing unique fonts for the website;

  • Personalization and optimization of information blocks on web pages;

  • Additional website’s language creation;

  • Improvement of texts using artificial intelligence;

  • Search Engine Optimization to increase your site's visibility on Google;

  • Optimizing images to improve website loading speed;

  • Website speed improvement;

  • Advanced SEO;

  • Advanced website Accessibility;

  • Website Functionality Improvement (Online Order, Online Booking, Online payment, E-Commerce​ etc)

Live case


Project: Dream Clinic, Utrecht

What has been improved on the website:

  • menu structure, header and footer

  • feedback form linked to QR-code

  • domain name transferred to another more professional provider

  • created business email with original domain name and connected to Gmail and mobile phone

  • Provided support in setting up Google Search Console, Business Profile in Google Map

  • Added website favicon and logo

  • improved home page

webdesign, web design

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WIX website improvement

wix website maken en verbetering


WIX website improvement

Webdesign | WIX website creation


We guarantee quality

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Steps of the WIX website Improvement

Intake interview

In an intake interview, Y-Track Consulting will identify the purpose of your website refresh or improvement and what is needed for it.


Inventory of client's wishes. Proposal for themes / templates / images to be used. Y-Track Consulting converts ideas for the webpages into a reality.

Search machine optimalisation

For the findability of the site, Y-Track Consulting adjusts plug-in with which search terms and the like can be entered per page for an optimal position in Google's search results. 


We don't ask, we offer. Website improvement starts with analysis of: existing website, social networks, keywords and SEO, Google search results, etc.

Interactivity of a website

WIX has many additional options to increase the interactivity of a website.  Y-Track Consulting advises which plug-ins are suitable for your site and installs them.

Multilingual website

We offer to create additional versions of your website in different languages at half price. Do not miss your chance!

wix web designer


You pay for what you need

Web Designer Y-Track Consulting works for entrepreneurs and individuals. That is why we are very careful with your costs.

Dream Clinic webdesign Utrecht

Dream Clinic, Web design Utrecht

Happy Client

Dream Clinic webdesign Utrecht

Gyarmati János

Dream Clinic

Review Y-Track Consulting -  wix webdesign

I had a website and its optimization done with Y-Track and thanks to Julia it was a walk in the park even for me, who is dumb to this topic.
Absolutely recommended!

We are Trusted

Web Designer Y-Track Consulting is in TOP-10 WIX Web Designers by TRUSTOO

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WIX website improvement

Everything starts with a great website and a great website starts with Y-Track Consulting, so we're happy to help you take your WIX website to the next level.

Contact us today and give your website the upgrade it deserves.

Julia Myronenko | Web Design | Y-Track Consulting
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