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Use of cookies

“Y-Track Consulting” (hereinafter referred to as the Company) uses various cookies and services to guarantee the functionality of our website (hereinafter, the Company's website) and to make the site as informative and convenient as possible for you. We believe that it is important that you can comfortably use the website, and therefore continuous website optimization has an important place in it. However, we do not lose sight of the thorough protection of the processing of your personal data. That's why you will find detailed information below about the use of cookies and the services we use on the Company's website. 

1. Functional Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed in your browsing history, which allows you to restore settings made on your next visit and other changes that you made.
These functional cookies guarantee the correct operation of our website. For example, this:
• what you entered during checkout so that you do not have to enter this information again;
• saving settings for optimal video display, for example, the desired buffer size and data resolution of your screen;
• Defining your browser settings to optimally display our site on your screen;
• detection of improper use of our website, for example, by unsuccessful attempts to enter the page;
• Regularly downloading the website so that the website remains accessible or saves your data for input, so you do not need to enter it every time.
You have the option to deactivate all cookies and services. Either blocking or deleting cookies through your internet browser.


2. Analytical Cookies 

Analytical cookies are used to improve the site. This information is stored anonymously.
we see which pages are visited most often, which pages generate error messages, through which browser
etc. Thus, we can see the quality and effectiveness of the website and the ease of use,
We use to improve the site. Y-Track Consulting does not track individual visitors.

3. Non-functional Cookies

All other cookies are non-functional and are used only with prior permission visitors to our site. Non-functional cookies are not used regularly, but only during advertising campaigns. These cookies are used, for example, to:
• optimizing online advertising
• tracking how many visitors click on ads to calculate with the advertiser
• to find out if you clicked on an ad and others.
Therefore, Y-Track Consulting first requests permission to use these non-functional cookies.


4. Third Parties Cookies

Periodically and only during advertising campaigns we use the services of our partners:
- POWr to receive your data at checkout
- Facebook
- Google Analytics
- Google Tag Manager
- Google Ads

Google Analytics collects cookies, device and browser data, IP addresses and information about actions on the site or in the application. Based on them, reports are generated on interactions on the website and / or in applications using Google Analytics. Visitors to the Company’s website can change data collection settings through the use of cookies, User ID, data import and Measurement Protocol.

When using Google Advertising, we collect cookies of advertising preferences and the Company uses them to support marketing decisions, research, marketing goals and the individual design of our services, but only if you do not mind using your personal data.


5. Blocking and Deleting Cookies

You may not consent to the placement of cookies or block cookies. If you do not want to accept standard cookies in your Internet browser, you can do this using your browser. Use your browser's help function to see how you can delete cookies or ask by contacting your browser provider.

Please note that if you disable cookies through the browser or block them in any other way, this may affect the fact that some services or parts of the website will not function optimally or will not work at all.

Even after visiting the website, you can delete cookies from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also do this in your browser.

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