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Top B2C marketing 2023: soicial media and SEO

Top B2C marketing 2023: soicial media and SEO
Top B2C marketing 2023: soicial media and SEO

B2C marketers invest in top marketing channels

B2C marketers invest in top channels as B2B marketers, but the order is different: social media and email marketing come first, then websites and blogs. B2C marketing is usually focused on offering enjoyable content and quick wins, while B2B marketing focuses on long-lasting relationships with customers.

51% of B2C marketers expect their budget to grow in 2023, a jump from 44% last year.Focusing on social media makes sense. As of 2022, there were roughly 4.74 billion social media users around the world, according to analysis from Kepios. That equates to 59.3% of the total global population.So, B2C customers are most likely to engage on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are among the highest marketing channels

For 2023, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are among the highest social media investments for B2C brands.Image Source Email marketing may just mean newsletters, but it can also be used for B2C content such as personalized communication, time-sensitive notifications (like product launches or sales), and cart abandonment email reminders.

Email is also an owned media channel, meaning nobody is dictating when, how, and why you can contact your prospects. However, keep in mind that customers will unsubscribe from oversaturation. Blogging and websites can be used together to generate brand awareness, drive traffic, convert leads, and, most importantly, establish your authority.

Of the B2C marketers surveyed, 36% already use websites and blogs to connect with customers, and that is likely to increase in the coming year.When you create your blogs with SEO tactics in mind, you’re even more likely to meet your marketing needs, as you’ll surface in SERPs when customers make queries related to your business content.

SEO ranked third as the most effective marketing channel to leverage in 2023.



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