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Waarom heb je een persoonlijke website nodig? 5 redenen voor jou!

Why do you need a personal website? 5 reasons for you!
Why do you need a personal website? 5 reasons for you!

De website staat bekend als een media-eigendom.

TIP: The website is known as an owned media property. Having your own website as the ‘hub’ means you can control and manage what happens at the end of the customer journey because you own it!

Although some social media sites can act as mini websites it is still important to invest in an online space that is completely owned and operated by your business. What would happen if Facebook was to disappear or Instagram shuts down?

Why do you need a personal website? 5 reasons for you! 🔔

👑 1 Your website is a personal online space. Do not forget that on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Telegram, you are only a guest, not the host, and eventually everything can end there for you.

👑 2 Personal website - works for the future.

Anyone can do something in five minutes on a social network, but a website requires involvement. Any visitor will appreciate your responsibility, learn more about you on the website and understand that your intentions are serious and that you can be trusted more than others from social networks.

👑 3 Everything in one place

Social networks rarely give an opportunity to put everything on the shelves. Your own website can allow you to organize everything exactly the way you like and need it. Here you can get contacts, your best works and good design, as well as orders or work online 24/7.

👑 4 Your own website is your pedestal

The purpose of any social network is to unite friends and like-minded people. They are not intended as a platform for sales, or specifically your works. Therefore, by creating your own site, you yourself show yourself as best as possible.

👑 5 Permanent online presence

Social networks are like a conveyor belt, on which you always need to put content, so as not to get lost. By using your website, you ensure the longevity of your benefits. The main thing is to present yourself correctly.

So, with own website you will have own:

  1. control that your product and services included in Google search results;

  2. possibility to create specific customer journey and custom outcomes;

  3. brand within your website in own style;

  4. shopfront and customers service center;

  5. control all your customer data.

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