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Top B2B marketing channels 2023: Websites offer vital content

B2B marketingkanalen voor ondernemers
B2B marketingkanalen voor ondernemers

The landscape of B2B marketing is changing.

If your team is using old data, you’re already falling behind. In a 2022 HubSpot survey of over 1,200 marketers, more than 80% said that marketing has changed more in the last three years than in the last 50 years.

Top B2B marketing channels

Image Source in 2023, the top channels used by B2B marketers will be social media, websites, blogs, and email marketing. Short-form videos and influencer marketing are top marketing channels that businesses plan to invest more time and resources into in 2023. Image Source Social media is likely a top digital marketing channel because of LinkedIn. In the B2B landscape, LinkedIn offers a great platform for interacting with business-minded people.

LinkedIn is also fifth as the most effective platform to use, with a 14% ROI. Of the B2B marketers surveyed, 41% predict that their budgets will increase in 2023, giving more wiggle room for investing in new channels.B2B marketers will likely focus significant effort on website and blogging channels because buyers often rely on websites before making purchasing decisions.

Websites also offer vital content sources for prospects, and SEO is how B2B marketers plan to attract their ideal customers. Keyword strategy can be time-consuming but also relatively low-cost when creating organic content. People make nearly 97,105 searches on Google per second, meaning SEO has significant implications for advertising.

Email or newsletters are a powerful channel for B2B marketers to leverage. Email marketing helps brands share educational information with customers. This strategy has also proven effective. In 2023, 32% of marketers reported that they will leverage email marketing to engage potential customers.

A targeted email campaign can also be automated, letting marketers focus their energy elsewhere. When sending emails, subscriber segmentation and message personalization are the most effective strategies.In 2023, you can expect B2B marketers to continue their investments in blogs and email marketing while also increasing investments in social media platforms.


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